Product Description
SunDate medjool dates are harvested, cleaned, hand graded, and subjected to high scrutiny hand packing.

Shelf Life / Storage / Lot Code
This product has a shelf life of 6 months (based on customer specifications) when properly stored. Storage conditions are recommended at 40°F and low Relative Humidity. Lot codes are an open-date format with a Julian trace number along with production identification and variety codes, industry standard, and can be coded based on customer specification upon request.

Food Safety and Quality Systems
All SunDate products are packed under comprehensive food safety and quality control standards set forth in our food safety and operations policy and procedures system.  Sun Date is inspected by the USDA and Primus labs for plant safety, security, food safety and sanitary compliance. 


Nutritional Information


Calories (FBDG Subtracted)Calories278Calories/100g
Calories from FatCalories2Calories/100 g
Calories from Saturated FatCalories0Calories/100 g
Fatty Acid Analysis w/ProfileTotal Fat0.17%
Saturated Fat0.05%
Monounsaturated Fat0.07%
cis-cis Polyunsaturated Fat0.05%
trans Fat0.00%
Carbohydrates, AvailableCarbohydrates67.1%
Carbohydrates, TotalCarbohydrates72.1%
Fiber, GroupTotal Dietary Fiber6.1%
Insoluble Fiber5.0%
Soluble Fiber1.1%
Sugars by HPLCTotal Sugar67.4%
Protein by Dumas (F=6.25)Protein2.12%
Carotenes (Enzymatic Method)Total Beta Carotene253IU/100 g
Total Carotenes253IU/100 g
alpha-CaroteneNot DetectedIU/100 g
all-trans Beta Carotene215IU/100 g
cis-Beta-Carotenes37.7IU/100 g
Vitamin C, TotalVitamin C<1.00mg/100 g
CalciumCalcium55.3mg/100 g
IronIron0.719mg/100 g
Moisture/Vacuum Oven w/SuperCMoisture24.1%
Ash, Overnight (16 hr)Ash1.527%
Antioxidant Activity, TotalAntioxidant Activity7400umol TE/100g
Cholesterol by GCCholesterol<1.00mg/100 g